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Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We provide legal assistance and representation to individuals and legal entities in all stages of litigation and pre-litigation, as well as with regard to any needs arising from or connected to judicial, arbitral, and enforcement/bankruptcy proceedings, both nationally and internationally. Our experts assist our clients in disputes of a civil nature (particularly in contractual, corporate, succession, and banking/financial matters), in enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings, in criminal law proceedings (both national and international), and administrative law proceedings (particularly in the fields of construction law, immigration law, and public employment law). Our lawyers are qualified to represent clients throughout the national territory and at every level of judicial proceedings, both before ordinary (state) authorities and arbitration courts. Furthermore, they are actively engaged in the extrajudicial resolution of conflicts (ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution), where they serve notably as party-appointed arbitrators or as presidents of arbitral panels.

Civil law

Our lawyers provide legal assistance to individuals and legal entities in managing and resolving disputes in various areas of contract law, with a particular focus on procurement, leasing, buying and selling of both movable and immovable property, agency, employment contracts, and international distribution agreements. They are equally active in disputes related to succession and within the realm of real property rights, including issues concerning real estate ownership, the establishment and adherence to easements and land burdens, as well as lien rights.

Enforcement and bankruptcy law

Our firm assists individuals and legal entities, whether as creditors or debtors, in matters concerning enforcement, bankruptcy, or concordat/composition proceedings. Some of our lawyers have gained significant experience in judicial enforcement proceedings or as legal advisors to concordat/composition authorities. We assist companies or businesses in managing all issues related to insolvency, as well as in studying and implementing restructuring or reorganization procedures. We also assist creditors in the recognition and enforcement in Switzerland of enforcement or bankruptcy proceedings initiated abroad.

Criminal law and international assistance law in criminal matters

In the realm of criminal law, including military law, and at all stages of federal or cantonal proceedings, our criminal lawyers provide defence for the accused or representation for private plaintiffs or other participants in criminal proceedings. When dealing with federal and cantonal authorities responsible for executing requests for international legal assistance, we provide advice and represent individuals and legal entities affected by international legal assistance proceedings in criminal matters. Leveraging their specialised expertise, our lawyers engage in all areas of criminal law, including within the framework of extensive and complex proceedings, in the field of economic and financial crime, as well as offenses such as national and international money laundering, organized crime, and national and international corruption.

Administrative law

Our firm assists and represents individuals, legal entities, as well as public entities, in the key areas of administrative law, such as construction and spatial planning law, immigration law, and public procurement law. Leveraging the specific experience of some of our lawyers within governmental institutions, we possess a deep understanding of the dynamics and functioning mechanisms of federal, cantonal, and municipal government entities and public administrations. We offer specialised expertise in advising municipal administrations on all legal matters related to their routine operations, as well as in handling legal aspects of extraordinary projects.

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Even outside of litigation, the guidance of a lawyer can prove invaluable in averting disputes with private sector counterparts or the commencement of administrative or criminal proceedings. This is why our lawyers offer advice, particularly in the fields of contract law, corporate law, with a specific focus on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), financial and banking law, as well as sports and entertainment law.


We provide assistance to both national and international clients in drafting all types of commercial contracts, guiding them through every stage of negotiation and conclusion. Our team of lawyers is adept at advising individuals and entities on the prevention, management, and resolution of disputes in general contractual matters. These include leasing law, movable and immovable property sales, procurement, agency, employment contracts, and international distribution contracts.

Succession law

The lawyers in our firm possess extensive expertise in probating wills and succession agreements, offering administration and conflict resolution services in the realm of succession law. They provide assistance to testators and heirs, including managing estate divisions. Additionally, our lawyers are actively involved as executors of wills or legal advisors in succession matters.

Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

We provide assistance and consultancy in corporate matters, guiding clients through the process of choosing the type of company to establish and assisting in its actual formation, as well as in the management and implementation of changes and restructuring of all kinds, as well as in regulating relations among shareholders. Additionally, we have developed specific expertise in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Our lawyers boast extensive experience in national and international transactions, making our firm a leading authority in the Canton of Ticino in this domain. Our specialist lawyers regularly assist sellers, buyers, private equity funds, and financing institutions throughout all phases of transactions involving the purchase, sale, and transfer of companies and/or corporate assets, both in Switzerland and abroad. Our services encompass drafting and negotiating preliminary offers, preparing data rooms and conducting legal due diligence, drafting and negotiating contracts, and providing support during the signing and closing phase. Through a vast network of external professionals, we organize and oversee financial, accounting, technical-industrial, or environmental due diligence processes. We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs during generational transition in family businesses, helping them navigate the complexities of preliminary company reorganization and corporate governance. We provide advice on adopting the most appropriate succession arrangements and on optimizing the tax aspects both before and after the transaction.

Banking and financial market law

The firm offers comprehensive assistance across all sectors of the financial markets, ranging from Private Banking to Investment Banking, Compliance, as well as in Enforcement cases (measures by which the Supervisory Authorities apply the various financial markets laws). Specifically, we assist banking institutions, securities firms (SIMs), asset managers (managers of collective assets), portfolio managers, trustees, investment advisory firms, and other entities providing financial services in contractual, regulatory, and compliance aspects related to initiating and conducting relevant activities. We aid financial institutions in selecting and establishing appropriate corporate structures, obtaining necessary licences/authorizations, and liaising with relevant supervisory authorities such as FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) and supervisory organisations (SO). Additionally, we provide assistance in administrative matters of administrative assistance in the financial sector. Furthermore, our lawyers have extensive experience in organizing due diligence procedures and implementing anti-money laundering prevention.


Financial institutions such as banks, securities firms (SIMs), managers of collective assets, portfolio managers and trustees are required to comply with various financial market laws, including the Anti-Money Laundering Act, the Financial Services Act, the Financial Institutions Act, and the Collective Investment Schemes Act. To operate legally, they must obtain authorization from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and, in certain cases, be affiliated with a supervisory organisation (SO). Our firm, leveraging expertise in these fields, provides comprehensive support services covering all the aspects mentioned above, from drafting contracts, internal regulations, and procedures to supporting existing control functions within financial institutions (support in Due Diligence, customer profiling, bank account opening, opinion drafting, etc.).

Sports and entertainment law

Our firm has a longstanding connection with the sports industry, providing assistance to sports companies and clubs in regulatory compliance and license acquisition. We have extensive experience in representing clubs in litigation before ordinary courts, arbitration courts, and internal judicial bodies within sports federations. Additionally, we represent individual athletes in managing their rights vis-à-vis their respective clubs. Our extensive experience in sports contracting, marketing, and sponsorship at the highest levels has also enabled us to develop expertise in the entertainment sector, particularly concerning contracts for the transfer and exploitation of image rights, and endorsement agreements in the fashion industry and the show business.

Notarial Services

We provide comprehensive assistance to both individuals and legal entities for all their notarial needs. Our services encompass: •Authentication, legalization, declarations on oath, and affidavits; •Notarial certifications for various purposes; •Support with real estate transfers, establishment of surface rights, easements, and related procedures: •Issuance of mortgage records, establishment of mortgages, and surety deeds, •Incorporation of companies, capital increases, mergers, liquidations, and any other corporate acts requiring notarial form; •Drafting and/or filing of testamentary dispositions, succession agreements, and marital agreements. Furthermore, our notaries have extensive experience in aiding foreign clients with the closing of foreign contractual transactions, such as loans and other international financing transactions as well as in drafting deeds for the transfer of foreign company shares (which are subsequently registered through local correspondents at the place of domicile).

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