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Due uomini in Office

Pierluigi Pasi


-  +41 91 911 95 50

-  Assistant: Iris Rondi

Pierluigi Pasi graduated in law from the University of Fribourg and obtained authorisation to practise law in the canton of Ticino (valid throughout Switzerland). He subsequently earned a second-level master's degree in forensic criminology from the University of Castellanza-LIUC. He served as Presiding Judge of the Expropriation Court, Chief of Staff at the Justice Division, and Chief Prosecutor for the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Swiss Confederation for over a decade. In these roles, he conducted and coordinated criminal proceedings in areas such as major intercantonal economic crime, international money laundering, international corruption, international organized crime, and served as a Judge at the Military Court of Cassation.

He provides consultancy and legal representation in criminal proceedings under common and military law, as well as in international legal assistance proceedings conducted by cantonal and federal authorities. He also offers consultancy in anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and compliance diligence. He is a member of the Justice and Rights Commission of the Parliament of the Republic and Canton of Ticino.  

Main fields of activity

  • Criminal law, international legal assistance in criminal matters

  • Administrative law

  • Military criminal law


  • Italian

  • English

  • French

  • German


2021 to date

Member and judge of the Arbitration Court of the Self-Regulatory Organization of the Swiss Federation of Lawyers and the Swiss Federation of Notaries.


Federal Chief Prosecutor, Public Prosecutor's Office of the Swiss Confederation


Degree in forensic criminology, University of Castellanza-LIUC


Judge, Military Court of Cassation


Department of Institutions of the Canton of Ticino, Head of the Staff, Justice Division, Trustees Service, and Foundations Service


Presiding Judge of the Expropriation Court of the Sopraceneri Jurisdiction, Canton of Ticino


Personal Assistant to the Head of the Department, Department of Institutions of the Canton of Ticino


Deputy Secretary, Magistrates' Courts of Mendrisio and Lugano in the Canton of Ticino,


Authorization to practise law and registration with the Bar Association of the Canton of Ticino


Degree in Law, University of Fribourg

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