BMA legal


We provide assistance to both private clients and corporations in notary related matters, including in particular:

- legalization of signatures and documents, sworn declarations, affidavits;

- drafting of Public Deeds of any kind;

- real estate transactions and ancillary procedures;

- drafting of mortgage deeds and other forms of real estate assisted and personal guarantees;

- incorporation of companies, capital increases, mergers, winding ups and in general of all necessary legalized documents in relation to the activities of a company;

- drafting and depositing of testamentary provisions, wills and marriage conventions.

Our notaries have also a very extensive experience in assisting foreign clients and financial institutes in connection with the closing of deals taking place abroad (e.g. loans and other international financial engineering matters), as well as in drafting and legalizing share transfer agreements on foreign targets (which can be later filed to the competent foreign registers through our local correspondent firms).